How To Use Samsung A40r Soundbar To Desire [2022]

For those who enjoy watching movies, many types of soundbars are available. Some soundbars are designed to be used with televisions, while others are designed to be used with home theater systems. In addition, you may have heard about the Samsung A40r soundbar, a new product from Samsung.

There are several colors and sizes available for this product. This product will work well for you if you have a small living space and a large screen.

This article will go over the features of the Samsung A40r soundbar and what it can offer you, as well as how to use the Samsung A40r soundbar to your advantage. 

What are the features of the Samsung A40r Soundbar?

The main feature of this Soundbar is its ability to connect wirelessly to other devices. Consequently, if you purchase this Soundbar, you can watch movies and other multimedia content on a large screen. 

features of the Samsung A40r Soundbar

 The Samsung A40r Soundbar has the following features:

  • Two built-in woofers provide enhanced bass, making this speaker louder than others.
  • Rear speakers can enhance any music you listen to. Enjoy the surround sound experience, and take it to the next level.
  • Enjoy wide-ranging audio no matter where you are seated.
  • Soundbars can easily be connected to televisions via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, so you will be able to enjoy your favorite music.
  • Using NFC, you can play music, listen to playlists, and more from your phone through your Soundbar.
  • You can easily control your Samsung TV and Soundbar using the TV remote.
  • The device is compatible with a wide range of televisions.
  • The speaker has a display that measures 40 inches in diameter.
  • The device is capable of playing both 3D and 2D movies.
  • Samsung A40r Soundbar has built-in 4K HDR technology.
  • A smartphone can also control the TV.
  • Streaming music and videos directly from your smartphone to this Soundbar is possible.
  • The content on this Soundbar can be easily shared with other devices.

What is the best way to use the Samsung A40r soundbar? 

The Samsung A40r soundbar can be used in a variety of ways.

Use it as a speaker for your home theatre system:

Soundbars are typically placed between TVs and walls. The HDMI cable can connect a computer to the monitor and place it close to the TV screen. By doing so, you can watch movies and videos in high definition.

Use it as a wireless speaker:

It is possible to create a surround sound effect using speakers. They can be used to play music. Streaming your favorite songs is the best way to listen to them. The AUX cable should be used to connect the speakers. Using Bluetooth technology, the Samsung A40r soundbar can be used with a portable music player and smartphone, and it can also be connected to other Bluetooth-enabled devices via Bluetooth 3.0.

Use the soundbar as a subwoofer:

This Soundbar may also be used as a subwoofer. Two subwoofers on this device can be used in conjunction with each other. One pair of speakers will be placed at the front, while the other pair will be at the back. The Samsung A40r soundbar is equipped with three pairs of speakers and utilizes one pair for each of the subwoofers.

How to connect the Samsung A40r soundbar to the TV?

Connect your Soundbar through (HDMI)

You can connect the Samsung A40r soundbar to the TV’s HDMI port using the wireless connection. To connect the Soundbar with HDMI, there are two options available.

Connect your Soundbar through (HDMI)

First option: A wireless connection can be made between the Soundbar and the HDMI port of the television. Please use the wireless connection option if you wish to stream audio or video. On the control panel of the Soundbar, there is an option for a wireless connection.

Second option: Alternatively, you can connect your Soundbar to the HDMI port of the television using an HDMI cable if you do not wish to use the wireless connection option.

Using an HDMI cable, here are the steps for connecting a sound bar.

  • Be sure to turn off the TV, the audio system, and external devices. An HDMI cable should be connected to the HDMI port on the Soundbar (make sure it is connected).
  • Ensure that the other end of the cable is connected to the HDMI OUT port on your TV or monitor.
  • The second HDMI cable will be connected to your HDMI OUT port on the back of the device.
  • Connect your HDMI cable using the other port at the back of the TV.
  • Connect the sound bar to the HDMI port on the TV.
  • Press the power button once the Samsung logo appears on the screen.
  • Once the soundbar logo has appeared on the screen, press the Menu button. 
  • Once the menu appears, press the Volume Down button.
  • The audio and video connection settings will appear in a pop-up window. 
  • The HDMI input option should be selected.
  • Choose an HDMI cable to connect the devices.
  • When the TV has turned off, select OK and wait for it to turn back on.

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Connect your Soundbar through (Optical cable)

The optical cable from your Soundbar can be connected to your television in many ways, but this method is the most straightforward and cost-effective. This cable transmits digital audio and is similar to an HDMI cable. This will allow you to hear every detail.

The following steps will guide you through the process of connecting an optical cable to a soundbar.

  • When the TV and Soundbar are connected, connect the optical out port on the TV with an optical cable.
  • To connect the Soundbar to the TV, connect the USB audio port on the Soundbar to the TV’s audio input.
  • Select DIN from the Source button on the remote control or sound bar.
  • The speaker output on the TV must be set to external speakers.
  • On your remote control, press the Menu button to open the menu, and then select Settings by pressing Up on the navigation arrows.
  • To change the TV Speaker to Optical (External Speakers), please select the right directional arrow and press select.
  • Now, the TV will be able to be viewed through the Soundbar.

Connect your Soundbar through (Bluetooth)

You do not need to worry about cables afterward; they can also be connected to Bluetooth. However, it is essential to realize that Bluetooth poses several challenges. For example, Bluetooth can disconnect or become unstable when there is some disruption, like a power outage, but Bluetooth is still a convenient and convenient option.

Connecting an optical connection to a soundbar is easy.

  • The Soundbar’s remote control has a Pair button that can be used to switch the Soundbar’s source.
  • If the device supports Bluetooth, the source may be set to Bluetooth, which will display this message.
  • Without a soundbar remote, you may pair a Bluetooth device with the Soundbar by pressing the Source button on the Soundbar for a few seconds.

How to set up the Samsung A40r soundbar?

This guide’s purpose is to explain how to set up the Samsung A40r soundbar. If you could receive a comprehensive guide on how to use this device, that would be ideal.

  • The first step is to turn on your television. As soon as you have completed your work, make sure that you have the remote control for the Soundbar.
  • Now, you’ll need to turn on your TV. After that, you will need to choose the source for the Soundbar.
  • To connect the Soundbar, press the Source button on the remote control.
  • After connecting the two devices, you can change the source of the Soundbar.
  • The power button on the remote control of the Soundbar can also be used to turn off the TV.


As a result, the Soundbar is an excellent addition to your home theater system. In addition to being easy to use, it is also easy to set up. When you wish to watch movies and television shows with surround sound, you may wish to purchase a soundbar.

As a result, the Samsung A40r soundbar is a good choice if you wish to enjoy listening to music while watching movies and television shows.


How do I get my Samsung TV to recognize my soundbar?

Select the TV’s home menu, Settings, Sound, and Sound Output on your TV. Next, select your soundbar from the list. Once paired, the TV will ask you to confirm that the two devices are connected.

How do I activate my soundbar to my TV?

Attach the other end of the HDMI cable (sold separately) to the HDMI OUT port on your computer monitor.
Plug the HDMI cable into the soundbar TV OUT (ARC) port.
Connect the optical audio cable from your TV to the input on your soundbar.

What is the best way to connect a soundbar to a TV?

The best way to connect your soundbar to your TV is by using an HDMI cable. The sound quality depends on what you’re watching; uncompressed Sound makes it easier to hear small sounds. Most sound bars work with any HDMI cable.

How long do Samsung soundbars last?

Passive Speakers: 6-16 years
Soundbars are perfect for movies but best for television, as they have speakers inside the stand. These have fewer electronics and, therefore, can last a long time.

How do I access Samsung soundbar settings?

Press the Menu button on your remote, and then select Settings. Choose Sound, Sound Output from the Sounds menu, and select the desired sound output.

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